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Antique Rocking Horses and Rocking horse restoration

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Antique Rocking Horses

F H Ayres rocking horse
F H Ayres rocking horse
c 1910

 G & J Lines rocking horse
G & J Lines rocking horse
c 1890

G & J Lines rocking horse
G & J Lines rocking horse
c 1860

antique horse
Attributed to Wilson
c 1870

Authentic replica
Rocking Horses

replica rocking horse
Aged replica-F.H.Ayres
rocking horse on bow

replica rocking horse
rocking horse on bow

J & G Lines replica rocking horse
Replica-J & G Lines
rocking horse on safety stand

Traditional Dappled
Rocking Horses

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Legends have over 20 years of experience restoring rocking horses and are able to identify most of the popular and sought after old and antique rocking horses. These include FH Ayres, G&J Lines, J&G Lines, Lines Bros, Leeway, Collinson and Wilson rocking horses.

Through our experience we have also built up considerable knowledge of how the old rocking horses were finished not only between the different makes but also between the differing ranges offered by each maker.

We feel it important when restoring rocking horses that they are returned to their original style of dappling and finish to ensure antique horses still look old but in good condition whilst retaining their highest value and usability.

Legends buy antique horses and sell them fully restored.

Please give us a call to find out which antique rocking horses we currently have available. To see some of the horses we have restored in more detail please click on the photos opposite.

If the antique horse of your choice is hard to find we also make authentic replicas of the most sought after and beautiful antique rocking horses.

To see our replicas in more detail please click on the horses opposite.