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Our natural wood rocking horses are made from either oak or cherry and can be stained and polished in a variety of shades.

The painted horses can be dappled in either a traditional or realistic style and varnished in different ways to achieve either a new or older effect. We also offer many shades of base coat to obtain different subtleties in overall colour of the horse. They can also be painted as piebald, skewbald or from photographs of a customer's horse.

All our rocking horses come with realistic leather tack (saddle, bridle, martingale and tail crupper) with cream fleece and numnah as standard. Saddle blankets are optional and available in a variety of colours. (See pictures below)

With realistic tack the horse will also have a carved spine and withers.

We offer free colour choice of horse hair for the mane and tail (subject to availability).

All rocking horses have extensive carving detail as standard, however we can also offer carved veins in the face and carved ribs.

Other options include:-
Personalised brass plaques to either name the horse and/or make a dedication.
Side-saddle pommels on antique/replica horses.
Bows may have chairs and footrests added to each end to create see-saw effect.

The dimensions of our rocking horses are as follows:-

Safety-stand horses Length of stand Height from floor to top of head
Medium 122cms (48) 102cms (40)
Large 140cms (55) 117cms (46)
Extra Large 160cms (63) 132cms (52)
King size 1778cms (70) 152cms (60)

Medium - suitable up to 7 years
Large - suitable from 2 years to adult
Extra large - suitable from 4 years to adult
King size - suitable for teenagers to adult

Bow rockers are available in one size which is suitable for all ages:-

Length 195cms (77) height 122cms (48)

All our horses are well built to take the weight of an average adult.

NB Adult supervision is recommended for all children.